"Preparing Japanese greentea"

狭山茶 ギフト 送料無料 おいしい狭山茶 通販
Key points to unlock Japanese Green Tea's rich flavor.
狭山茶 新茶 おいしい狭山茶 緑茶 日本茶 bar
As the fermentation process is arrested in green tea by steaming the tea leaves, the result is a beautifully vivid color and depth of flavor. There are several key points to unlock this rich flavor.

  1. Use soft water - It is recommended that you use soft water to draw out the smooth, delicious flavor of the tea.
  2. Warm the teapot and bowls - Warming the teapot and bowls before pouring the tea prevents the tea from cooling and also enhances its flavor.
  3. Use hot, but not boiling, water - Boiling water tends to strengthen the bitterness found in tea. For a more natural flavor, let the water cool slightly before using it to make tea.

狭山茶 ギフト 送料無料 おいしい狭山茶 通販
Preparing Japanese Green Tea in a Kyusu teapot.
狭山茶 新茶 おいしい狭山茶 緑茶 日本茶 bar
  1. Slightly cool the boiled water by pouring it into the teacups.
  2. Put the tea leaves in.
  3. Pour in the slightly cooled hot water.
  4. Wait a bit...
  5. Serve equally into each teacup until the final drop is poured.


Please enjoy your teatime with delicious Japanese Green Tea !

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▼Photo:Japanese Green Tea plantation at Iruma, Saitama Prefecture.
狭山茶 新茶 おいしい狭山茶 緑茶 日本茶 茶畑

狭山茶 ギフト 送料無料 おいしい狭山茶 通販
Types of Japanese Green Tea
狭山茶 新茶 おいしい狭山茶 緑茶 日本茶 bar

English Green teaDeep-steamed green tea Green tea with Maccha and roasted-riceRoasted Japanese tea
Chinese characters and Hiragana

煎 茶深蒸し茶抹茶入り玄米茶焙じ茶 or ほうじ茶
Pronounce in Japanese

Description This is the green tea most frequently consumed in Japan.

 To produce Sencha, the tea buds are steamed at first, massaged several times by different machines,and finally well dried.

Tea leaves of high-grade sencha produce a gentle fragrance and an excellent balance of savory umami taste and astringency.
This variety is made by steaming the tea leaves for two to three times the length of regular sencha.

Easier to brew than sencha, it has a rich taste with understated bitterness and astrigency.
Maccha-iri-Genmaicha consists of sencha, high-temperature-roasted rice and Maccha.

The green tea flavor and fragrant aroma are popular with both adults and children.
Hojicha is a sencha roasted at a high temperature until its color changes to brown.

 This tea has a savory aroma and a light taste. The caffeine content is relatively low so it si recommended for children and for a relaxing drink before bedtime.